Exploring Children's Senses

Benefits of Sensory a Room

A sensory room as many benefits to the user; firstly, it stimulates their senses; sight, touch, sound, smells, this promotes development in all areas and we believe it is also a calming environment to promote well-being.

What Amore offers in its sensory room is interactive equipment that promotes development that little bit further than just visual. As parents ourselves we purchased equipment that we thought would benefit a wider age range. Offering interactive light to sound and the aroma panels; clap and the colours on the panel will change to the sound you make, promoting visual stimulation, eye development and hearing. Our colouring changing tables offer inquisitive toddlers to explore and play with our transparent linking resources which build hand-eye coordination skills and fine motor skills.

We also have illuminated ball pool offering a fun-filled activity building on gross motor skills and visual development, children love watching colours and their little faces change with delight when the colours change is magical to them, an experience that all children will love. Toddlers will enjoy our interactive talking cube which is perfect for developing the understanding cause and effect, colour recognition, listening skills and gross motor skills; by rolling the cube it changes all the lights to the colour that is facing upwards and sounding it out, toddlers will have lots of fun with this. For babies we offer the deluxe sensory corner which includes a bubble tube and fibre optics surrounded in soft padding, little eyes and hands will love. Amore sensory room offers all this and so much more.

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