Exploring Children's Senses

What should you wear for messy play?

It is ideal for you and your child to wear some old clothes or vest/t-shirt. Although all our ingredients are nontoxic and washable, stains can still occur. We can also supply an Amore Vest/t-shirt at an extra cost, this also is a great keepsake. Items also needed are dry clothes, towel,however Amore can supply. A plastic bag to take wet/dirty clothes home. (swim nappies) are also optional for you to bring.

My child doesn’t like getting messy?

Amore will always provide 3 stages of messy trays, wet/dry and mixture of both. This caters for all children to explore at their own pace.

Do you have facilities for cleaning our child/children up after session?

10 minutes before the end of each session Amore will provide buckets of soapy warm water and towels for parents and carers to wash their children. It is also part of the amore sensory experience incorporating bubbles and water, all children love a little bubble bath to get nice and clean.

What Ingredients are used?

At Amore we will always supply a written sign next to each tray advising of all ingredients or supplies used within it.

I’m worried about allergies?

this occurs please speak to a member of staff immediately. It is the parents/carers responsibility to observe their child(ren) at all times.

Paid in advance, will I get a refund?

Due to the number of places available we can not offer a refund for any cancellations made by yourself. However, if Amore cancels due to unforeseen events we will happily refund you the costs.

I am unsure of Amore messy play and what it has to offer?

Please come along and speak to a member of staff who will be more than happy to go through the session with you in more detail or pop in and take a little look yourself before booking on a session.

I would like to bring my toddler, but I have a new born too?

Babies under 6 months are free to come along with you and an older sibling. When your baby is sitting unaided they are more than welcome to join in the fun at a small extra charge.

Can I take pictures?

Please use your camera respectfully, and with caution; only take pictures of your own child(ren). We are happy for you to take photos of your child(ren) and capture the memories but please remember other parents may not want you to take photos of theirs or them. Also, your phone/camera is your responsibility.

My baby is young I’m worried about older babies/ toddlers banging in to them?

At Amore we offer 2 separate sessions daily. One for 6 months to 12 months; this is a more relaxed calmer session for babies to engage and explore with ease. We feel babies and parents need this when they are so young exploring their senses and playing. Amore offers the other session for 12 months onwards; this allows for a more busy and active session. When toddlers/children are more on the move. We can also incorporate more supplies into messy play for added fun!

Benefits of Messy Play

Babies and children love to explore the world around them and what better way than with messy play. The benefits of messy play are extensive in their development. It builds on fine and gross motor skills where they can manipulate, and mould varied materials. This also benefits their muscles and ability to move and strengthen hand-eye coordination as they mark make using different tools and resources. Messy play builds children’s cognitive skills exploring and experimenting without any end goal as to make or build. It uses all their senses; visual, taste, smell, touch. We will always ensure at Amore to use varied materials and ingredients to allow babies and children to explore with ease by splitting messy play into 3 stages by having dry trays, wet trays and a mixture of both. By doing this, children can explore the trays at their own pace through the own discoveries, in an enjoyable fun activity that will build their confidence. Messy play encourages speech, for example by describing sensations, textures. Amore weekly sessions are split into 2 sessions per day, morning and afternoon. This allows us to support all babies and children through different age ranges and what materials and resources that we can use. Messy play can start as early as 6 months onwards. We offer sessions for babies 6 months to 12 months and 18 months onwards.


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