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What is Baby Signing?

Baby Talk

Baby signing is about building good positive communication with your baby from 6 months old babies begin to understand us and the world around
Baby signing is about good communication between you and your baby.
It's an excellent way to communicate “two-way“. From around 6 months old, babies can understand you and they are having plenty of thoughts of their own BUT they can't tell you what those thoughts are and that's frustrating!

TalkFirst baby signing sessions promote ALL babies’ speech and language skills!

Baby signing is an excellent way to communicate “two-way” with your baby. Studies have shown that babies have the ability to understand and communicate at around six months old, but speech is not usually developed sufficiently until at least twelve months old. Therefore, for that six month period, your baby could tell you what it needs, but can’t communicate that message. Signing helps to bridge this gap and eases frustration and tension. Signing babies have been shown to go on to speak earlier, have wider vocabularies and even higher IQ’s than non-signing babies in general!


TalkFirst is unique!

TalkFirst uses a step by step approach which helps you build up your signs and gain confidence.  Each week 8 new signs are introduced around a central theme e.g. bath time, zoo animals. We play games (we love the large floaty ball!), make music (we use lots of instruments!), sing songs and use rhymes to practise our new signs. Dexter, our large signing puppet, helps us to learn and play. He has been created especially for TalkFirst and he loves babies! We celebrate what we have learnt with stickers, certificates and completing our Dexter Passports! Most of all, we have lots and lots of FUN!

TalkFirst works!

There’s plenty of proof, both parental and scientific, of the benefits of baby signing for boosting early communication skills! TalkFirst baby signing helps all babies talk sooner, lead conversation, feel less frustrated, build strong foundations for early literacy, create self confidence and extend their intellectual development.

Sessions are held every Tuesday morning at 11:00 am – 12:00 pm at Amore Sensory Centre.

The price of this activity is £5 per session

talk first communication fun for baby and you.

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